New Addition

One more....... this time of my beautiful friend Masha.


Recent Activities

Hey hey everyone.  So i've been busy moving around town and working on videos.  One of which will be starting its rotation on MTV Africa and Dubai soon.  Who would have thought there would be loads of protocol to get a video on TV...ha.  Very excited about this.  However, in the cracks of my schedule and during a recent assignment for Amnesty International USA,  I found these lovely people. 


Lost and Found - Street photos in New Orleans

So I was down in New Orleans on an assignment for Amnesty International.  I got to walk around quite a bit in between shoots.  Love the city, can't touch the music, and soul oozing out of every broken brick.  Sooooo as part of my ongoing seek and find, lost and found, "shoot what I suggest" posts, here you go.  Tim Robbins even makes a cameo, in a very "Where's Waldo" fashion.


Bikes, bars, beaumont

I suppose this would be best described as the visual representation of randomness.  That is to say, I carry my camera in and around most places.  We'll almost everywhere, but a gentlemen knows when to put down the camera...wink wink.  Anway,  a few images (this applies to you Rita, Masha, and Lynn) are from your self assignment instructions. I'll let you guess which ones.  So yeah, photos, some are assignment excerpts, all are from the past few weeks.  Peace ---- Drew


More Time Periods....

Yes, occasionally I hang out with knights and riverboat gamblers but that's a different issue. This weekend I pushed the project forward a bit more with two new "characters." I'm not really sure what to call them I suppose. Regardless, hanging out with a knight for hire made for an interesting Saturday morning. Mr. Karl Kindt III has done everything as a true knight, from telling tales of chivalry to school children to working as an "armed" guard of sorts for jewelry stores.


Freedom Video

"Freedom" Teresa Jenee from Drew Jordan on Vimeo.

Produced for Teresa Jenee, a soul/RnB/cant quite describe it artist. Check out the whole album at teresajenee.bandcamp.com/